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Gamers or Whiners? ("Gamers - The Fall of the Gaming Market")


So I go to one of my local computer store and purchase a copy of Pool of Radiance (PoR). I have been waiting to play a computer game based on 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons for a long time; I love the system and wanted to play a CRPG based on it. After I purchased the game and drove home with a copy of this potentially great game. I installed it, launched it, played an informative tutorial and created my characters. After all that I selected the party and launched the game and fought my first battle, the game crashed. No problem I thought, I will just go to the website get the patch and fix the problem. After installing the patch and staring the game again, it crashed again. Ok, so something strange was going on and I decided to visit the tech support section of their website's forum. It was hard to find information amidst all the flames and insults. So much for technical support if it is being flooded with posts from people who do nothing but complain and complain. People were filling the forums with so much flame that infernos of hell would seem like a nice cool breeze. Some people on the forums went to as far to say things like "I labelled this CD 'Coaster' and it is now on my coffee table" or other 'throwing away spent cash' brainless statements. I do not know about the rest of you, but I do not just throw away a 60$ (CND) CD because I cannot get it to work the first time I try. I tried fooling around with settings and such a few times and you know what? I got it to work, yes all took was a little elbow grease, a thing that some gamers have plenty of (minus the elbow) yet are not willing to spare. I paid money for this game to work and by Zeus I am going to make it work!

These days' developers are forced to do "a release now, patch later" routine, they have to slap a product together, release it and then fix it. This has destroyed potentially good games such as Pool of Radiance, Anarchy Online and Ultima Nine. Now who or what is to blame for this? Developers? Competition? Microsoft (come on I know the Linux people want to take a stab at that)? The answer to all of those is no (well competition is part of it though). The people that are to be blamed are the gamers. Today it seems that gamers are like kids in a bulk rate candy store. They take a mouthful of gum chew it for a bit then spit it out, claim the flavour is gone and demand for more. I have seen this happen all the time, people who play about halfway through a game and then toss it aside claiming they are bored of it. Now I myself am not perfect for this either, I have a (little) shelf full of games I need to complete, yet I still buy some more. However, I do not sit in forums and complain to the developers to release their games. That is the downfall of games! Remember when you were a kid and games were stable? The reason for this was because there was no forums or emails to the developers. People just waited for their games and some people did not hear about their games until maybe a few months or so ahead in a gaming magazine. However, these days people sit in forums and demand things like 'release dates', 'betas', 'why this feature is no longer' etc.

Now all that said and done, I like to point out that some game developers do not all do this. A game people can learn from (I think) is Diablo Two. If you remember Diablo Two was pushed back constantly and the gaming community was getting angry (even though there was a few people that kept saying to fire breathers to wait for a stable game instead of a game that was released on time). Then when Diablo Two was released it was one of the best selling games ever and many people loved it. Developers should learn to release games in the fashion that blizzard entertainment does. The method blizzard takes with their releasing of games is to ignore all the release date related demands of gamers and get the game working! Now not all gamers are like this, I remember a lot of people in the Diablo Two forums tell the demands to hold their tails and wait. Maybe gamers should do as these people say and wait, play other games or do something productive with their lives.

Now will this happen to NeverWinter Nights? I do not think so, as you can see BioWare is taking their time to make sure the game is working and balanced. Of course the people of BioWare are taking the time to answer the questions of people who are demanding the game's release date with a standard post in the announcement section saying 'there is no release date', simple as that.

The gaming marked is rapidly expanding market; many companies have a chance to make a difference and to get notice. However, how many game companies are destroyed by those who wish for them to succeeded. I just hope the people that made the game Pool of Radiance make another great game.


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