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In Baseball They Call it Timely Hitting - Robinson Workshop Aims for the Fences With NWN2 Content

Every now and then I am going to write an article about my observations as site manager of the Neverwinter Vault. While we have many types of spotlights and entries that are requested by community members, these articles will be based solely by my feelings, observations, and slightly askew perspective. Because of this, take them at face value. Articles about Pale Masters are not slights against clerics or people who love to play them, they are merely articles about Pale Masters. Articles about NWN2 are not slights against NWN1, they are simply NWN2 articles.

Do a search on the Vault some time. Plug three little letters, RWS, into the engine and go to NWN2 hakpaks. Then think about NWN2 in it’s infancy, what it needed when it first came out, and the shot in the arm the folks at Robinson Workshop have given the game with their work.

One of the first things I thought when I opened the toolset for NWN2 was that there weren’t a whole lot of bridges. Limited selection and scope were the options. One of the most impressive haks for builders I have seen is the RWS Bridge Pack. Long arching bridges, rope bridges to span cliffs on high, and the tree. I had a friend say that tree bridges were missing from NWN years ago, and this fits the bill perfectly. Now you can cross a ravine over a fallen tree in a woodland setting. The way rangers do it, mortar free!

As you continue to browse their hak listing, it's one thing after another that was needed to flesh out the NWN2 engine and model offering. Before MotB, Robinson Workshop dropped snow on us. When it was somewhat apparent that the exterior of the building experience could overwhelm the comparatively smaller tileset offerings, BAM! RWS Deep Halls asked you to go just one level deeper into the depths. The areas where you knew you were in for something aside from a rat or a skeleton waiting in the middle of a 10x10 room, and made you want to yell YOU SHALL NOT PASS! at everyone you met there. Dungeon crawling was refined with their RWS - Dungeons hak. Sewers? Every good city adventure has a sewer in it, and they brought forth a sewer you can sink your teeth into. No, wait, that would be really gross. Rather, they created a sewer tileset that offers realism in a fantasy setting, with no large pipies or plumbing, but just rivers of gooey goodness that only an old school sewer can. Even their smaller "pocket" projects, the RWS Pocket Castle, RWS Pocket Cathedrals, and RWS - Pocket Citadel were welcome additions to the established tilesets given out with the OC.

Lest you thing they delve inside alone, RWS has done a splendid job with exterior models by enhancing Cave Entrances nicley. Their RWS Tower Pack is an absolutely outstanding set of models to add to your exterior areas.

Robinson Workshop has done really great work in adding to the rich NWN community and in my opinion has hit areas that needed it.

- BeyondThePale


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