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ALFA - First Steps


So today was the launch of ALFA and it was a great excuse to get to do some playing thanks to some press passes from the team. After logging in at their website I was taken to the member's page which had links for their hak pack (80MB) and a large list of addresses for their servers. Taking note of the password, I downloaded the file and started off on the server run by Mandos, ALFA's project administrator which covered Arabel.

Once connected, the character creation screen came up and I created a monk to start my journey, which started at a cave. Surrounding a pedestal were three characters who asked if I was ready to begin and gave me the choice of starting at an Inn or the City of Arabel. I choose the city and was transported to it where it was still the dead of night. Checking out my inventory, I took out my torch and began to wander the streets eventually moving to new areas and speaking to some of the guards. The city was well constructed and the server connection was excellent.

Leaving the city, I moved through some other areas and eventually came to Sojurner's Forest. The placard near the entrance warned to stay on the path if one *wasn't* looking for adventure. Staying on the path, for now, I came upon two NPC characters who let me know that they were guarding those who travelled through. Not having met any real player's as yet, I decided it was time to venture off the path to see what I might encounter when suddenly my torch goes out. Yikes! Very nice touch of realism but bad timing for me as I was deep in the forest with absolutely no visibility.

Choosing not to use my map, I tried to get my bearing and came upon an encampment with a halfling selling some wares. Needless to say my first purchase was going to be another torch but the scoundrel wanted 12gp for one! My poor monk had only 20gp to his name, so I bid him farewell and continued to look for the path. Not shortly after I was suddenly attacked by a fairy type creature that was doing circles around me as I was trying to defend myself. After dealing me some terrible blows, I finally managed to kill it, and drank some healing potion to restore my health.

Now the world is still in beta so I figured I should do some testing and soon came upon a dire boar minding his business. This seemed like a good opportunity to test what happens when you die so I attacked it. The fight did not last long, and soon I was laying on the ground with all my items lost, and was then taken to the morgue - a small room where there is a glowing light that tells you how much time you have left. I struggled to figure out what came next since there were no doors and restarting brought me back to the morgue. Eventually some real players connected and I found out that you are confined to the morgue until resurrected, so I have a feeling my monk will probably end up being food for that dire boar.

Overall, my first few steps in this new world were quite positive. The stability and server connections were solid. The layout and design were well done and I especially liked the work on the forest. The rules implementation looks good and the things I would have really like to have tried is some party adventuring with a DM present as well as some portalling to different servers, which I will need to do on another visit.

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