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Mystic Theurge (Cleric 16 / Wizard 23 / Monk 1)

note the real ab is 61 due to the +20cap

I created this build two years ago for a Arkhalia PW. Its a proper spellsword using two hand weapon. Forget about that awkward MMM build and play the real spellsword. AB 61, 4attacks + (self-buff)haste with nice attack progression (61,56,51,61,56), AC 62+ (without IE which it has as well), Epic Warding, all wizard spells, all cleric spells except level 9. Its an equivalent of the cleric/PM but with possibility of arcane spellcasting and without the immunity to critical hits.

This is an epic character build specifically designed for PWs, but its perfectly playable in singleplayer modules as well of course. On Arkhalia PW this proved to be an universal character that handles highest number of dungeons all by himself without any help from others. It can acts as a tank, healer, or arcane spellcaster all in one build. The disadvantage of this build is that so high ammount of buffs is hard to manage - it won't even fit into all the quickslots. Also its time exhaustive to cast all those buffs on yourself. Better get some rod of buffing devil.

Race: any, but human is most advantaging because of the free feat as there isn't really anything can can be thrown away
Abilities: 15/10/8/16/16/8 (str/dex/con/int/wis/cha), 24/10/8/19/18/8 ending
Alignment: any lawful (neutral is best choice to be immune to smiting of course)
AB: 61 with mundane weapon (buffed of course)
AC: 62 with +12dex/wis but no items grating AC at all just MA, SMA, EMA, haste, requires items better than +5 and boots with AC to get past 62, if you have +7ac items you can go beyond 70ac easily. And this is without IE which you can turn to tank tough bosses. And don't forget about negative energy burst and Bigby's interposing hand which virtually grants 12-13more AC
Weapon: any two hand weapon, best is greatsword or great axe because of the ability to cast keen on it, but if you want to be original you can choose a quarterstaff - which will spare you one feat because you need to take martial weapons for sword/axe. One handed weapon is not going to pay off, because this character shouldn't wear shield since it rely on monk AC. But its possible of course, even take double weapon or two dual wield two onehand weapons if you don't need such high AB.

Level progression:

1 Cleric - Expertise, Toughness, Domains: Healing, War/Strength
2 Cleric
3 Cleric - Improved Expertise
4 Cleric - +1 intelligence
5 Cleric
6 Cleric - Martial weapon proficiency
7 Cleric
8 Cleric - +1 intelligence
9 Cleric - Weapon focus
10 Cleric
11 Cleric
12 Cleric - Extend Spell, +1 wisdom
13 Cleric
14 Cleric
15 Cleric - Improved Critical
16 Cleric - +1 wisdom
17 Wizard (recommend illusion school to get 1more spell slot each level)
18 Wizard - Blind Fighting
19 Wizard
20 Wizard - +1 intelligence
21 Wizard - Silent Spell, Epic Weapon Focus
22 Wizard
23 Wizard
24 Wizard - Armor Skin, +1 strength
25 Wizard
26 Wizard - Empower Spell
27 Wizard - Great Strength I
28 Wizard - +1 strength
29 Wizard
30 Wizard - Great Strength II
31 Wizard - Maximized Spell
32 Wizard - +1 strength
33 Wizard - Great Strength III
34 Wizard
35 Wizard
36 Wizard - Epic Mage Armor*, Great Strength IV, +1 strength
37 Wizard
38 Wizard
39 Wizard - Epic Warding, Epic Prowess
40 Monk - +1 strength

Skills at level 40: tumble 40, concentration 43, disable trap 21, open lock 20, discipline 43; rest can be divided to 21 rank in set trap (note less than 21 set trap has no sense) or into search/heal/taunt

* can only be choosed on this level with community patch (regardless whether server you are playing has CPP installed or not - and the character will still be legit - though some PW Admins who oppose CPP might decide otherwise and BAN you so ask in advance if you want to take EMA this way) - if you oppose CPP yourself or PW admins won't allow you to do this this then you need to take EMA at level 39 instead of Epic Prowess = -1ab.

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