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High DPS Arcane Archer (Fighter 8 / Bard 3 / Arcane Archer 29)

This is one of the variations of the non-caster Arcane Archer. This is my own build made for PW Arkhalia and its intented to be the better version of the 10/1/29 combination. The main focus is the max AA bonus, so please do not compare with level 28 arcane archer who has 1 less Arrow enhancement. Its has high strength to take advantage of up to mighty +13 and devastating critical. This is a NO-AC build as its expected that you will always fight from distance and won't allow monsters to came close, so NO, you are not expected to equip melee weapon+shield as some other archers does. The build is built in a way so its easiest to level up, thus cleave at lvl 1, great cleave lvl 6, devast at 28.

Race: elf or halfelf (worse)
Abilities: 16/17/14/10/8/8 (str/dex/con/int/wis/cha), 28/22/14/10/8/8 ending
Alignment: any chaotic (neutral is best choice to be immune to smiting of course)
AB: 65 (+1 in close range) with bow +5
AC: no AC build
Weapon: longbow unless the module/PW you intent to play has better shortbows

Level progression:

1 Fighter - Power Attack, Cleave
2 Fighter - Weapon Focus
3 Fighter - Point Blank Shot
4 Fighter - Rapid Shot, +1 strength
5 Fighter
6 Fighter - Greater Cleave, Weapon Specialization
7 Fighter
8 Bard - +1 strength
9 Arcane Archer - Improved Critical
10 Arcane Archer
11 Arcane Archer
12 Arcane Archer - Called Shot, +1 strength
13 Arcane Archer
14 Arcane Archer
15 Arcane Archer - Toughness
16 Arcane Archer - +1 strength
17 Arcane Archer
18 Arcane Archer - Blind Fight
19 Bard
20 Bard - +1 strength, Tumble 20, Spellcraft 18, UMD 23, Perform 10
21 Arcane Archer - Great Strength I, Open lock 1, Disable trap 1
22 Arcane Archer
23 Arcane Archer
24 Arcane Archer - Great Strength II, Overwhelming Critical, +1 strength
25 Arcane Archer
26 Arcane Archer
27 Arcane Archer - Great Dexterity I
28 Arcane Archer - Devastating Critical, +1 strength
29 Arcane Archer
30 Arcane Archer - Great Dexterity II
31 Arcane Archer
32 Arcane Archer - Epic Weapon Focus, +1 strength
33 Arcane Archer - Great Dexterity III
34 Arcane Archer
35 Arcane Archer
36 Arcane Archer - Great Dexterity IV, Epic Prowess, +1 strength
37 Arcane Archer
38 Arcane Archer
39 Arcane Archer - Great Dexterity V
40 Fighter - Epic Weapon Specialization, +1 strength, heal 42, open lock, disable trap 13


From the start till you become Arcane Archer, use melee weapons in combat. Use ranged weapons only to lure monster from pack or to initiate combat, then switch to melee, high strength and (greater) cleave will provide you won't suck in melee combat so take advantage of it as long as its viable.

Once you get enough AA bonuses to outshine melee, stay with bow. Later in game, AC will be a problem and you won't stand much longer in melee combat anymore so its better to use bow all the time. The usual tactic with bow is to stay in long distance, party with other players, use henchman/summon to tank for you or run-shoot. Spam called shot: leg to anyone coming for you and called shot: arm on monsters fighting with your party members, due to the high AB this should be basically irresistable so take advantage of that as I think the penalties are cumulative (in some degree at least).

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