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The Wink and Kiss

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This is a romance centered module. There are separate stories for male and female characters. WARNING: It contains !!!!ADULT MATERIAL, AND SEXUAL SITUATIONS!!!! and should NOT be viewed by minors under 18. As of the latest update, you can *Fade to Black* on the longer sex scenes, but bear in mind you may still see some erotic text and/or content.

More disclaimers:
-Imported PC's will be stripped of all items when entering the story mode. The characters you play already have a bit of back story, so might as well make a new character.
-There is no combat in the module.
-There are very few dialogue choices given. Think of this more as a story being told, and not an interactive traditional role play mod.
-VERY LITTLE IS LEFT TO THE IMAGINATION, as far as erotic scenes go. If pornographic imagery and descriptions bother you then DON'T EVEN DOWNLOAD THIS.


Male mod description: Your PC, a common fisherman has been dumped by his lady love. To rebound he pays a visit to his local brothel house, and my end up finding true love there...

Main Characters: Masia, the Brothel Matron and love interest. As well as over a dozen hireable prostitutes for the PC to play with. Some of the girls are for ambiance and are not hireable. Just look for anyone who has a "name".

Female mod description:  A young noble girl runs away from her sheltered life, and falls into the hands of a diabolical sailor. Our heroine must  make a life changing decision, and discovers her sexuality in the process...

Main Characters: Captian Dobbins, The PC, who is often referred to by her nick name "Willie"

To run this module requires CEP 2.3/2.4, and Intimate animations suite by NinjaweasleMan ( sx_intimate.hak )



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4-14-14: Fixed broken link to CEP page.

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6-27-14: Since the old Vault seems to have been deaded, I have included the intimate animations hak as a download here. I take no credit for its creation. 

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