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Secret Doors fix Secret Doors fix for pre 1.3 creations Migrate Wizard

This patch will cause the toolset secret doors from NWN-1.29 and earlier to function again. This will even enable
doors in saved games! Yeah! Now go play those good...

2014-12-18 2 days 4 hours ago 0
Dynamic Stash System v1.3 Migrate Wizard

This script is designed to be flexible, easy-to-use, and to use the least amount of resources possible. The .erf comes with everything you need (two scripts, one placeable...

2014-12-10 1 week 4 days ago 0
Shadow Plane Scripts Collection Migrate Wizard

This is just a small collection of script and links to scripts that may be usefull when building The Shadow Plane into a module. Cheers!

2014-12-09 2 days 4 hours ago 0
(CNR) Craftable Natural Resources French Translation Migrate Wizard

Adaptation CNR 3.05 en français build 04.

2014-11-26 3 weeks 5 days ago 0
Lycans 1.0 Migrate Wizard

Werewolves, or Curse of the Werewolf. This system reproduces Lycanthropy and Werewolves as described in the DnD 3.5 Monster Manual.

2014-11-25 3 weeks 6 days ago 0
A better Adjustment DrA

An unconventional method to "adjust" PC's level and equipment.

2014-11-23 2 days 6 hours ago 0
Axe Murderer Scripting Systems Migrate Wizard

Here are some of the scripting systems originally created by AxeMurderer; these are all that I had on my machine.  I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THEIR CREATION!  I am merely...

2014-11-20 2 weeks 6 days ago 0
Alleyslink Logo Player Character Personality Test Alleyslink

I have developed this system for an upcoming module.

2014-11-20 1 week 6 days ago 0
NWN2 Area Report rjshae

This script will produce a high-level summary report for a NWN2 area.

2014-11-17 1 month 4 days ago 0
DMFI v1-09 Patch henesua

PATCH for DMFI v1.09 
by Henesua

2014-11-02 1 month 2 weeks ago 0
Footstep Trigger henesua

Footstep Trigger

2014-11-02 1 month 2 weeks ago 0
ASG Spawn Kit 1.5 Migrate Wizard

// *********************************************************************
// * ASG Spawn Kit 1.5
// By Donny Wilbanks

2014-10-06 2 weeks 6 days ago 0
Ambiguous Interactive Dungeons (OnChat Script) henesua

by The Magus aka Henesua
original by Layonara Project Team

2014-10-03 1 month 2 weeks ago 1
Custom Magic Items (Variable Based) Carcerian

A System allowing designers to create items with a number of effects specified in item variables.

2014-09-18 3 months 4 days ago 1
CEP Dynamic Skeleton Phenotype Palemaster Arm Graft Fix Carcerian

Fixes missing arm when a dynamic skeleton gains PM levels.

2014-09-18 3 months 4 days ago 0
Color Text Functions v1.3 Carcerian

A few functions to add color to your Mod.

2014-09-18 3 months 4 days ago 2
Missing 169 SoU + HotU Constants Carcerian

// 169 Constants, extending the list of constants in nwscript.nss from 2da files
// by Carcerian, Oct 18, 2008

// AmbientMusic.2da

2014-09-18 3 months 4 days ago 0
169 Item Enchantment Combo-Tags Carcerian

A script to Enchant Items with a legal powers check for different item type.

2014-09-18 3 months 4 days ago 0
169 Equipment, Tail & Wing Toggler ComboTags Carcerian

A ComboTag Based Item System for Subrace, RDD, RP and Magic Item use.

2014-09-18 3 months 4 days ago 1
169 VFX Machine (Visual Effect Browser) Carcerian

An 8 placable, 1 script Tool for browsing Visual Effects with an optional category filter.

Placable Parts :

2014-09-18 3 months 4 days ago 1
Projectile Hit Detection for NWN Spartan Hoplite

Projectile Hit Detection adds collision detection into Neverwinter Nights for the purposes of spells, abilities, and other projectiles as you ordain.

2014-09-09 3 months 1 week ago 0
Animated Lance Rack Proleric

On using a lance rack, one lance is removed from it, and a lance of the same colour appears in the players' hand.

2014-09-03 3 months 2 weeks ago 0
You can choose, Player DrA

What it does: Changes respawn options ingame. PC can choose: easy game with standart respawn, or harder way - with (maybe) some additional profits.

2014-08-31 2 days 6 hours ago 0
N.E.S.S. Tutorial kalbaern

I've tracked down an old NESS Tutorial and reposted it here for folks needing more detailed information when using Neshke's Extendable Spawning System.

2014-08-28 3 months 3 weeks ago 1
World of LimitLess etrigone
Submitted / Updated  
2014-08-16 4 months 1 week ago 0
Sleep Mode for PWs - ultimate lagbuster when there are no PCs Shadooow

This is a scripting system I developed for my PW I worked on. Since these days a substantial part of the time there won't be any players, I was looking for a way how to...

2014-08-09 4 months 1 week ago 0
Charlie's Scripter Starter Kit Carcerian

Sample starter scripts for new scripters and module builders.

2014-08-08 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
Servametre Carcerian

Servametre is a server monitor - it shows a server's details, how many players are on, etc. You can have however many servers as you would like.

2014-08-07 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
SoZ Trade System Demo and Documentation Carcerian

This is a demo module implementing the Storm of Zehir trade system, as well as documentation for it since I was never able to find documentation of the system.

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
C-info Carcerian

This script is designed to access, test, and help in the understanding of various PC-character functions.

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
Kamal's Jumping System Carcerian

Rewrite of the Markshire Climbing system (

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
Althéa Weather System (LB) (v1.05) Lance Botelle


2014-08-05 3 months 2 weeks ago 0
Return-On-Hit Throwing Weapons DannJ

This tag-based OnHit script can be used in conjunction with the "Unique Power (On Hit)" item property to cause thrown weapons (axes or darts) to return on a successful hit...

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
MetaPrepa Carcerian

The MetaRod of Preparations allows PC and Companions to quickly and consistently recast spell buffs as well as refresh Bardic Inspirations.

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
Chess-like minigame Sava Carcerian

This is a multiplayer minigame from polish PW server Aeris 2, based upon Sava, drow board game from Forgotten Realms setting.

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
kamals companion ai Carcerian

Amazing ai upgrade
Perfect for companions
Innovative concept
Learning ai.

Foolproof installation
Original code

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
Fearsome Roster Feats Fix Carcerian

The script for Fearsome Roster and Improved Fearsome Roster in NWN2 Storm of Zehir does not match the ingame description.

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
Danaan Tactics Carcerian

This module is a quick sandbox demonstration of the improved tactical AI for my upcoming rebuild of 'The Last of the Danaan'.

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
Gender Based Item Scripting. Carcerian

A simple set of scripts & instructions to make equip-able items gender only. So easy to use, even a noob like me can do it.


2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
eyesolated Encounters Carcerian

This is sort-of a WiP (Work in Progress) release of an encounter system i worked on extensively last year.

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
Generic Foraging System Carcerian

This is an generic, flexible foraging system that is backwards compatible with wyrin's foraging system (...

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
Horn of the Skymage script DannJ

An activation script for a 'Horn of the Skymage' usable item, to summon a wyvern using the Zhentarim Skymage ability rules.

See script comments.


2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
MotB Date/Time GUI Scripts DannJ

To use the Mask of the Betrayer date/time GUI in your own modules, add the following lines to the module's OnPCLoaded script:

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
Dice Cup Carcerian

A conversation based scripted dice cup.
Suitable for dice games that require hidden rolls like liars dice.

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
Auto-Closing Doors Carcerian

This script will automaticaly close your doors.
It will work even with doors linked with a transition.
It can "respawn" lock on the doors.

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
Sleepable beds Carcerian

This is a module, that contains a script to use for beds. With this script the player will be able to rest in a rest restricted area.

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
LocalInt requirement for class Carcerian

Fix to the broken VAR requirement for class requirements. Accomplished by removing listbox rows so disabled classes won't even show up.

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
Wand Icons and Recharging Carcerian

On acquire script and cast at script for the player crafted wands to give them different icons, allow them to be recharged, and modify the charges per use.

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
Legacy Items Carcerian

Choirmasters Legacy Artifact System modified for use in NWN2.

Allows easily creating custom items with properties that depend on character level.

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0
Cursed Items Carcerian

There are three curse types:
1. Up to four random negative item properties get added while all others are removed

2014-08-05 4 months 2 weeks ago 0