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CODI Content Package Turkeys

This package includes over 40 monsters – from NPCs to Cranium Rats to Maelephants to Manes. It also includes many new portraits as well as the Tiefling PC model and some...

2015-03-26 11 hours 47 min ago 0
Crow Skin for Seagulls Turkeys

This hak will override the skin of both of the seagulls to look more like a crow (this way you can have flying seagulls that can fly and walk). Unfortuantly I usually only...

2015-03-26 12 hours 5 min ago 0
Mystra's Silver Fire (Epic Spell) Turkeys

Mystra, Goddess of Magic, grants her Chosen the ability to manipulate something called Silver Fire; it is, in essence, pure Weave energy. This hak/tlk/erf combo allows you...

2015-03-26 12 hours 7 min ago 0
Revised Vrock (Wings/Weapons) Turkeys

“What's this chant I hear about Vrocks not havin' wings or bein' able ta carry weapons? I dare ya ta tell it ta this one, berk!”

Bioware's Vrock creature has...

2015-03-26 12 hours 13 min ago 0
Sharks B2 (Great White, Tiger) Turkeys

Great White and Tiger sharks, with Lowrider versions. Includes the Mako, Goblin, and Hammerhead Lowriders and the Waterpen scripts to keep the Lowriders confined to water...

2015-03-26 12 hours 20 min ago 0
Orcus Statue Turkeys

What would orcus be without a statue to worship him by hehe. So here it is, all bow down to the return of the darkness. :)
works with cep 1.53

2015-03-26 12 hours 26 min ago 0
Star Robes Turkeys

Here are 2 new robes for human males and females with inventory icons. These suspiciously look like Star Trek The Next Generation uniforms, but I think that is just...

2015-03-26 12 hours 38 min ago 0
Lowrider Sharks (SharksLW) Turkeys

Sharks for non-underwater modules/areas.

the sharks are neat, but kinda useless unless you have an underwater area. ah, but no more! lowrider sharks fit into...

2015-03-26 12 hours 40 min ago 0
Mountain Trolls Turkeys

add's 3 new creatures(Mountain Trolls).

2015-03-26 12 hours 46 min ago 0
Crawling Animations Turkeys

This hak offers new animations for players . It allows you to crawl like a soldier. The purpose is to increase infiltration phases, especially in multi player games....

2015-03-25 1 day 10 hours ago 0
Orcus Turkeys

Orcus model that will appear in the up comming module (ZW Presents) Blackwall Keep (The Seed of Darkness) Hide now the darkness is coming :).

Updated: Requires CEP...

2015-03-25 12 hours 26 min ago 0
Heed's Shields Turkeys

Heed's Shields supplies over 100 wooden shields over the three sizes: small, large and tower.

2015-03-25 1 day 10 hours ago 0
Colored Lamp Posts Turkeys

Neverwinter is said to be famed for its colored lamps. Now you can actually put colored lamps in your modules! This hakpak contains 8 lamp post placeables with colored...

2015-03-25 1 day 10 hours ago 0
Real Piano Turkeys

Hemos creado un piano interactivo. Posee las 8 notas musicales básicas para que los personajes puedan crear música haciendo más reales los instrumentos.

2015-03-25 1 day 10 hours ago 0
As a fighter, you don't get the armor/weapon proficiencies automatically. kamal's archetype characters kamal

This modification moves all default granted feats to the bonus feat list, and adjusts the number of bonus feats appropriately.

2015-03-25 10 hours 56 min ago 0
Heed's Armour Designer Turkeys

Heed's armour designer is a custom content/scripting package that allows players to make changes to armour, helms, weapons and shields through interaction with an npc...

2015-03-25 1 day 10 hours ago 0
Primitive Weapons Turkeys

Primitive weapons for your primitive tribes etc.

Includes Obsidian, Sharktooth, Flint, Bone and Stone weapons of various shapes.

There is also a handful of...

2015-03-25 1 day 11 hours ago 0
Chult Placeables Migrate Wizard

This Hak-Pak contains 40+ totally new Placeables which were originally made for the german Chult pw project. It includes: ruins, totem, drums, fruits, tapestry, blood,...

2015-03-25 1 day 9 hours ago 0
SNEP Placeables Migrate Wizard

I decided to update my old Placeables hakpack for 1.67 since I didn't update it like... forever and added a few more placeables and will even drop a bit more in the hak in...

2015-03-23 3 days 10 hours ago 0
Paintings Migrate Wizard

49 fantasy paintings
49 Quadri fantasy

2015-03-23 3 days 20 hours ago 0
GuS - Rideable Horses Migrate Wizard

That's a FIRST final version of Rideable Horses. I'm not a scripter and old script system was buggy. I didn't see Gilean for almost a year so now I share ONLY MODELS AND...

2015-03-23 3 days 20 hours ago 0
Carpets Turkeys

Carpets , 43 models.
Tappeti, 43 modelli

2015-03-23 3 days 20 hours ago 0
SB Test Kit Migrate Wizard

This is a test version of the model without the seam.
The effect of the shadow doesn't work because it handles skin.
Though it is thought that actual operation...

2015-03-23 3 days 20 hours ago 0
Marble Elven Interiors Placeables Migrate Wizard

The hak contains 50 non-animated placeables for Marble Elven Interiors: columns, trees, tables, couches, beds, stands for plants and candles, fences, vases and plates....

2015-03-23 3 days 20 hours ago 0
Screenshot Name Author Description Postedsort ascending Updated Votes
Elemental Blades Turkeys

This adds a VALID invisible blade option for use with "Visual Effect" and "Damage Bonus" item properties on each of the following bladed weapons:

Double Bladed...

2015-03-26 11 hours 53 min ago 0
Adepte panda (ajout au Leviathan's Prestige Pack) Turkeys

Cette classe est à la base un bon gros délire que mon souci du perfectionnisme a tranformé en véritable classe tout à fait jouable. Mine de rien, c'est même l'une des...

2015-03-26 11 hours 55 min ago 0
Rizolvir Rename Weapon Override Turkeys

This is an override that adds a rename function to the smith rizolvir.
Simply extract all the files containing in this rar to your override folder and speak with...

2015-03-26 12 hours 4 min ago 0
Infinite Dungeons Specific Item HAK Turkeys

The Infinite Dungeon module's random item generator is a great source of godly loot, but if you happen to want to keep it all on the sane side you need to use the '...

2015-03-26 12 hours 11 min ago 0
CEP Wolf Tails Turkeys

cep wolf tails

2015-03-25 1 day 10 hours ago 0
Screenshot Name Author Description Postedsort ascending Updated Votes
Rural Ruins Turkeys

This Hak modifies the Bioware Rural tileset, and the Bioware/Floodgate Ruins tileset. It adds several new Features to the Rural Tileset, and a Ruined Wall crosser.


2015-03-26 11 hours 58 min ago 0
Archer Towers for Forest, Rural & Winter Rural Turkeys

Three small haks containing several archer towers for three tilesets:

stand-alone tower and wall towers for both walls and wall corners for Rural

2015-03-26 12 hours 2 min ago 0
Heed's Dungeon Tileset Turkeys

Heed's Dungeon tileset is a complete rework of the Bioware dungeon tileset. The lava is gone and has been replaced with water, a number of features have been reworked,...

2015-03-26 12 hours 9 min ago 0
Heed's Ye Olde Doors Turkeys

Heed's Ye Olde Doors supplies 20 generic wood and metal door styles with 3 variant door frames for each. That's 60 generic doors in total. All doors have the classic...

2015-03-26 12 hours 10 min ago 0
Four Seasons Turkeys

This will give the ability for the mod builder to use seasons. The neat thing about it is, since it's the same tileset retexured four times you can make the area how you...

2015-03-26 12 hours 27 min ago 0
Oriental Rural w/ Hills & Homes Turkeys

This is a merge of Oriental Rural V3 by coulisfu and Hills & Homes v1.61c, replacing the original nwn rural tileset, so it can be used for existing rural areas.

2015-03-25 1 day 10 hours ago 0
Heed's Rustic City Tileset Turkeys

Heed's Rustic City is a near complete reskin of the Bioware city tileset. The aim is to give a, well, more rustic presentation to the city. Think of it as an "outpost" or...

2015-03-25 1 day 10 hours ago 0
BTH Forest/Rural Turkeys

BTH Forest/Rural V1b3: This a Forest/Rural combo tileset that compliments the BTH Forest tileset.

BTH Forest/Rural includes hills, canopy trees, retextured city...

2015-03-25 1 day 10 hours ago 0
Screenshot Name Author Description Postedsort ascending Updated Votes
UW Combo HAK Turkeys

UW3 - New Hak featuring Helvene and Lord Rosenkranz's elven interior tileset, Helvene's Elven interior placeables, and a few extras from lillistas hak ( parkbenches and...

2015-03-26 11 hours 55 min ago 0
Stridor Rideable Horses Compilation Turkeys

Ok where to begin, well lets begin with the credits!

I used a great deal of material from the following folks haks and greatly apriciate there work for without it...

2015-03-26 12 hours 19 min ago 0
Adventure Realms (CEP Addon) Turkeys

Basically we at AR have taken the bioware additional tilesets released with the 1.67 update and made 1 hak to utilize them. As an extra we included the Psionics System...

2015-03-25 1 day 9 hours ago 0
Shadow Realms (1.67 CEP Version) Turkeys

This is a remake of the old Shadow Realms hak to work with the CEP 1.53 and Bioware 1.67 update and work with the Adventure Realms addon of biowares new tilesets.

2015-03-25 1 day 9 hours ago 0
LDN Combo HAK Turkeys

This hak has been pieced together from other haks. Thanks to those who designed the firefly haks, and firearms haks. Those people did really good jobs. I've just put them...

2015-03-25 1 day 10 hours ago 0
EB Anatomy Turkeys

There are 3 parts to this override file. Download all 3 to the desktop, then extract the 1st one into a new override folder. The other 2 parts will follow automatically....

2015-03-25 1 day 10 hours ago 0
CEP Companion (1.67 Version) Turkeys

This is an updated version of MrDave cep companion1.5
i also have added the handsome dynamic ilithid made by Monferrat
and the Nice new rideable horses made by...

2015-03-25 1 day 10 hours ago 0
Screenshot Name Author Description Postedsort ascending Updated Votes
Incarnations Loadscreens Turkeys

This Hak Created by Deputydoggz aka "Dusty" which incorporates the following LoadScreen2da's >"PotSC Loadscreen data for NWN 1.67;PotSC Loadscreen 2da for NWN 1.67;...

2015-03-26 12 hours 43 min ago 0
Screenshot Name Author Description Postedsort ascending Updated Votes
Rideable Horse Update Turkeys

This is an update of Gileans ridable horses, all credit goes to Gilean and to Zonkers for his handy horse portrait hak.

I simply combined the two so you can now...

2015-03-25 1 day 10 hours ago 0
Screenshot Name Author Description Postedsort ascending Updated Votes
New Portraits of Nexus Turkeys

This portrait pack is available, but not required, for players on the Nexus: the City between Worlds persistent role-play server. It includes custom portraits for...

2015-03-25 1 day 10 hours ago 0
WOC Portraits Turkeys

Here is a nice collection of portraits that I use in the Winds of Change. If you use these then you should be able to see everyone elses portrait if they are using these...

2015-03-25 1 day 9 hours ago 0
Screenshot Name Author Description Postedsort ascending Updated Votes
Sigil Music Pack Turkeys

Intended for use with the "Faces of NWSigil" PW module (although other uses are certainly not discouraged). Contains several new music BMUs and an updated ambientmusic.2da...

2015-03-25 1 day 11 hours ago 0
Enlightenment Sound (Baldur's Gate Music) Migrate Wizard

This hak carries a .2da file which enables the use of the BMU's accompanied within the download. The soundfiles are files gathered from the games, Baldurs Gate I and II....

2015-03-23 3 days 20 hours ago 0